My next piano performance in London


Proud of releasing what will be the date of the next performance in London.

March 30th 2019 myself playing Haydn piano concerto in G Hob XVIII:4 with WKMT Ensemble.

Extremely thankful for the opportunities WKMT provides me with. Thanks to WKMT, I am doing what I truly love: piano and Haydn analysis, and both together too.

I mean, I have been playing the piano since I was 3 years old back in Argentina. When my parents saw me playing with a very little keyboard, and reproducing the melodies I used to hear on the TV adverts. Since that point, I never quit the piano. During the best and worst moments, I have been always dedicating time to move my hands over the keys. I love it, it is just simple, and I will do until the end of my time.

My second pleasure is the complete works of Joseph Haydn. As a pianist and/or musician, it is not only about playing the instruments as many times you can, it is about creating your life and desires around it. Give it a meaning, a real one, which will be with you until your last day. And that is exactly what I mean with Haydn. Since I played the piano concerto Hob XVIII:11 with an orchestra when I was 11 years old (video below, apologies for the low video quality) I truly committed myself to Haydn works. The father of the classical period, as well as the chamber music, made me fall in love forever. Right now, I am on the way of playing all Haydn piano compositions, as well as my own Department within WKMT Piano studio in which I analyse every single Sonata Haydn wrote for piano. Yes, it sounds tedious, and actually, it is, but I just like it.

You can check all using the links provided. Actually, my Haydn analysis project is used by people from different parts of the world, so it is a study instrument for others too.

Well, no more words left to say than just inviting you all to our concert in St Cuthbert's church, Earls Court London from 6.30pm. If you say you are coming from Blogger, you will get free entry to the concert for you and one more guest. Check all the info and details in the link aforementioned.


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