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Brain Waves and Music

  Brain Waves & Music How many times we heard " I was practising and when I checked the time, three hours have passed! " This statement is not only heard by our piano students but by us as well. We, as piano tutors, well know that music creates a different state of mind and being when we play music. It is not only "being busy"; it is just another quality of time, in which the time itself changes, or at least, our perception of it. Scientists, or better said, neurologists, have been researching these phenomena quite intensely in the last years. They found that this different perception of the quality of time is due to the different brain waves our brain produces when performing any given task. Laura Bevan, a  teacher at WKMT , who performed an experiment at  Goldsmiths University , drew this conclusion about the experience: " The more alpha waves present, the less active the brain is. This shows that when we are doing something we know very well, such as pla

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