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 Do you know how to improvise?  Learn all about it with our new guide on piano improvisation with WKMT . Several  piano students   approached the instrument through improvisation, especially if they started at a young age when improvising comes naturally. However, once they start their "serious" studies in piano, most  piano tutors  discourage the improvisation as the training in classical music is all about following the music sheet meticulously. What is to improvise?  Basically, it is the ability to make music on the spot; this is a skill that is usually connected to jazz music, commonly called "Jam sessions", but what people don't know is that this skill started in Medieval times and has been widespread among musicians of all eras, including world-known composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. All of them knew how to improvise music on the keyboard that was a sign of being a professional musician. Nowadays, this tradition of improvising

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