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Species in Counterpoint: A Deep Pedagogical View

  Species in Counterpoint: A Deep Pedagogical View For the  piano teachers   at WKMT, the study of the five species of Counterpoint is an absolute must. Maestra Gisela Paterno is in charge of delivering the lessons for them with the firm purpose to enrich the lessons of all the  piano students  at the studio. Why?   Let us start with the definition of Counterpoint: It is the study of the voice leading. What is voice leading?   Is the technique that focuses on how all the melodies of a piece behaves and intertwines, regardless if they have the function of foreground (main melodies) or background (accompaniment) expressed by different textures that be range from melody and accompaniment to chordal or polyphonic; these are the "fabric" of the music.   For  piano tutors , it is fundamental to know this technique. It facilitates the understanding of how the melodic patterns mesh with e

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