Does our background influence our musical decisions?


Where are you from? What is the main popular music from your origin country? Do you think there is a connection between what we like to listen to and what we have been listening around since we are a child? Does the culture we live in influence in our musical taste?

Those are interesting questions. Such as Gisela Paterno, instructor and colleague of mine at WKMT London Piano Studio, has written an entire article researching and trying to give answers to the previous questions.

Gisela is degreed in Music Composition, she usually researches several areas within the music topic. Last time, she analysed the idea of music composition from different points of view such as Aristotle, Edgar A. Poe and Stravinsky. It is quite interesting to see the idea of music expressed through philosophy and writing. She also analysed how the music can be interpreted by the body and make certain movements in tune too. Many more articles like those you can find at WKMT UK Music Blog. She usually collaborates for the famous blog with great articles like this.

Go to the link aforementioned and learn all that Gisela has to say about the music and tradition. How that can affect or influences our musical taste or preferences. Something that can be extended to art, fashion, design, architecture and more.


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