Analysing Music during History

Analysing Music during History.

What do you know about the Renaissance? Do you have any idea about the main characteristics of this period of history? What about the music within?

Avelino Vazquez Groba, Harpsichord teacher at WKMT London, and usual collaborator at WKMT UK Music Blog has recently written an article in which the main topic is the Renaissance. Avelino is a usual researcher of the music during the history. He likes to dig into the different eras and analyse the music within them, influences, inspiration, features, characteristics, etc. He previously talked about the music within the Baroque, and now, is the turn of the Renaissance.

With this article, he aims to explain to us all the main aspects of the Renaissance: dates, causes and differences compared to the Baroque and previous periods. And how all that might have influenced the music and art. How music is understood during the Renaissance and the main characteristics too.

So, yes, if you are really into music, you should read this fully to know more about it and learning about the Renaissance too. Go and click on the link aforementioned for the full article, and use the related articles to keep in touch with the articles written by Avelino for WKMT.


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