Analysing the Music Evolution

Analysing the Music Evolution.

WKMT comes back with a wonderful and interesting article written by our Senior violin and piano teacher, Anthony Elward. Our colleague at the studio for more than seven years by now, and for many more to come.

Well, this time, he talks about the evolution of the music throughout the different eras within the history of music. He goes from Baroque passing by classical and going towards romantic. He takes advantage of his experience performing for WKMT Classical concerts in London to explain some of the main ideas. Actually, last Saturday 26th, as we previously posted in our last post, he was playing the violin accompanying our harpsichordist with Corelli and more Baroque pieces.

As a musician, we have the great chance of being able to play the repertoire from different eras of music. One of them better than the other, depending on the musician and the experience, obviously, but that makes us think about the differences between the music from time to time. Actually, it is even fun and interesting to be able to identify the main differences and play with them while performing.

Read the full article by using the link aforementioned.


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