How to practice piano when you are Grade 5 ABRSM or more

How to practice the piano when you are Grade 5 ABRSM or more.

Organise your practising time efficiently with WKMT and make a boost of your piano skills.

Grade 5 + exams require a serious commitment from students and parents for its preparation. The level of pieces included in the syllabus and the extensive technical work required turning this exam into a real challenge for students who are committing their time to several other activities besides their piano studies.

Basing on the above, I wrote a new article and posted on WKMT Blog, in which I deeply explain a great way to organise your time when practising on the piano. That will give you time organised enough to reach your goals in every practice session. I believe that one of the most important points is know how to practice. If we clear up that point and we carry on a well-organised practice time, we get more than 50% of the learning process done!

My own practice organisation is based on four modules: Diary, technical work, new material and maintenance.

Do not hesitate to visit my article and further related articles. Go to the link aforementioned, which I hope it helps you all out organising your practising time in case you think you need it.


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