Analysing Aural Training for ABRSM Examinations

Analysing Aural Training for ABRSM Examinations.

Learn with WKMT the importance of Aural training for any music exam.

Aural Training in Practice

Have you ever gone to any ABRSM Examination? If you have, you will know what we mean with Aural Training. 

Within any music examination, there is a section about Aural Test, and that's what we talk about in this new article posted at WKMT Blog. Sabrina Curpanen, our Senior Piano Teacher, specialised in advanced piano students, wrote this great article to make all our students aware of the importance of the training in aural at theirs when practising the instrument.

With our more than 8 years of experience in London as a music school, we have come across too many students failing in this sections at their music exams or getting the minimum marks. We always make sure our students now its importance and how to improve it, but most important is what they do at home. That's why we bring this new article in which our colleague talks about its importance and the different points that Aural Training is based on.

You can read it fully on the link aforementioned and start working hard on it. Let's get the most of it. No need to lose any more marks on your ABRSM Exams,


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