Commenting on Spectral Music

Commenting on Spectral Music.

Learn how to compose throughout Spectral Techniques with WKMT.

A sound is no longer an isolated element, which can only communicate and express itself when combined with others, within a larger hierarchical system, be it tonal, modal, serial or dodecaphonic.

That's is an extract from the last great article published on WKMT Blog by Gisela Paterno. An article in which she makes an introduction to the Spectral Music, in a series of articles that share her composition based on this 70's technique.

With this article, she intends to let us meet with the idea of this type of modern music and how she creates music with it, and most importantly, how that music created looks like in a series of graphics.

I invite you all to read the full article through the link aforementioned and follow the series to well understand the idea of Spectral Music.

Added to her composition, here I share the result of her composition using spectral techniques:
Visions in three planes by Gisela Paterno.


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