Composing through spectral techniques


Following the Spectral Music series by Gisela Paterno with this new approach.

Here we bring the 3rd article of the series about Spectral Music by Gisela Paterno.
For those who missed our previous articles, WKMT is bringing a few articles in which we present the music through the Spectral Techniques. A new way of music from the 70's considered modern music although not very famous. Actually, it became more famous 30 years later from the first melodies composed

Different composers made this possible. Amongst the most famous composers, you can find George Crumb, He is noted as an explorer of unusual timbres, alternative forms of notation, and extended instrumental and vocal techniques. Interview posted above to get used to his ideas and musical mind.

You can also know John Cage and Henry Cowell.

Learn with Gisela Paterno and her series of articles more about the Spectral Music and how to use it nowadays. Go to the link aforementioned and enjoy the series. More article will be published soon.


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