The riddle of guitar fretting


The Riddle of guitar fretting.


Thumb placement is not only style and technique dependant but also a personal preference. If we look at thumb placement from a stylistic perspective we can see how this links to technique. Classical style guitar playing typically uses a thumb placement behind the neck of the guitar, roughly in the centre. This position is used in Classical guitar playing because it allows the fingers to stretch easier for bigger gaps between frets. In contrast, many Blues and Rock guitar players place the thumb over the fretboard, this placement allows the player to bend the strings easier in addition to being to use the thumb to block unwanted strings and to fret notes on the low E string. The downside of this thumb placement is that the fingers have less room to stretch out for big gaps between frets. [...]

That is extracted from the full article of Thomas Rickerby has written for WKMT studio. He, as a guitar teacher in the studio, and leading a local rock band in London. 
As we usually talk about piano, now we make an exception to include this helpful article for all those learning the basics of the guitar. And in those basics, you will find the way on how to place your thumb on the guitar. An aspect that seems not to be easy for the beginners. That's why Thomas has written this article to give some advice on how to place and explain that it could also be a personal preference.

Check the links to two youtube videos of two legends: BB King and Aber Carlevaro. There you will see their ways to place the thumb. A personal way by two masters of the guitar.


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