Mock piano concert


Join WKMT for its next Children Masterclass in London.

Delighted to release our next event at WKMT. Next 28th April 2018, at 4 pm in St. Cuthbert's Earls Court, London. We all will gather to lead this Masterclass specially created for the little ones. WKMT Students and non-members are invited to join this great opportunity.

What we believe is crucial and essential for any learning process is to get ourselves immersed in what we are learning from. That's why, in terms of music education, we truly need to get our kids feeling part of the world, as it is the only way they will purely commit to the process. In the case of the piano lessons, we always recommend to the parents to assist our Festivals, concerts and events with the students, that way the students will socialize with other kids talking about music.

In our commitment for music and teaching, we organise this great Masterclass with the main purpose of make them perform in front of an audience as if they were in the main Festival, this coming 12th May. Just reminding you, that our Music Festival, as we previously posted, will be fully recorded, and that means that every single performer will get their own performance video afterwards. So it is crucial they perform in the right way and perfectly sharp so this Masterclass will get them in shape a couple of weeks before the moment.

Do not hesitate to either participate in our Festival and also get ready for it with our Masterclass. Do book your tickets and find all the details on the link aforementioned.


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