Musical Analysis: The period

When we start analysing one piece of music, there are a few of well-established approaches - two most important parts to start with are the melody and harmony. 
Melody refers to find a tune, motive and theme. There are the various theme types presented in one melody: Sentence, Period, Hybrid and Compound themes, Small Ternary and Small Binary
You can find an article written by Juan Rezzuto on WKMT website about one in particular called The Period- one type of theme eight measures long and contains two four-measure phrases called Antecedent and Consequent.

The antecedent is built up of the basic idea and contrasting idea while the consequent phrase brings a return to the basic idea followed by a new contrasting idea.

The link below contains more information about this particular topic. We invite you all to read and follow our Haydn Sonata Analysis series.


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