All about the Bows for your Strings Instruments


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Have you ever noticed how many different parts a bow has? And what is the use of all of them within the performance of the instrument? Do you know what is the best brand for a violin? 

Well, these are some of the questions Irene Bejar aims to answer in her last article for WKMT. Our usual writer, the Violin instructor, has recently written an article, helpful for all those learning violin, cello, viola or any other instrument which needs a bow to be played. 

She aims to help our students and followers who are into strings instruments to have a wider knowledge of these instruments and to be masters on them. By knowing all about the different parts and materials that create every single instrument. In this article, she explains the different parts of every single Bow, how to properly tension it and use it to get the best sound-results, and the best brand.

She also mentions the evolution of the shape of the bow along the history as an important fact for the performance of the violin, for which we truly recommend to search for it online that way you will be able to see how the shape evolved with the time. Added to that, she mentions an advisable fragment in regards to how we know when a bow is really a good one. Talking about the weight, the balance of it and the state.

Do not miss it out. Go to the link aforementioned and start learning more about the bow(s) you own. Do you have the right one? Find it out here with Irene Bejar and WKMT London Violin Studio.


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