Music Composition and Philosophy


WKMT Brings the relation between philosophy and composition.

Have you ever thought about a relation between Philosophy and Music? Do you think Aristotle had got anything to do with music composition?

That's exactly what our recent article talks about. Recently published at WKMT Music Blog and written by our Head piano instructor Gisela Paterno.
My colleague, Gisela, is working on a series of articles focuses on composition split in three different parts. This should be the first part, which explains the relationship between this art and Aristotle's thoughts.

As we all know, Aristotle is the father of the philosophy along with Plato, and his writings and studies have come along the history is subject to influence and study nowadays. It is also known that his main ideas are easily applied to all the sciences and therefore the art. His concepts have been applied to the art such as writing, acting and especially, composing music. Gisela digs into his thoughts and relates them to the composition such as a piano sonata, f.ex. And it is quite simple to see that relationship.

Such as this article, two more will come right after, which will analyse the relationship between music composition and thoughts of Edgar A. Poe and Stravinsky, respectively. So stay tuned and do not miss this fantastic series to make your composition knowledge wider.


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