Meeting with Haydn once again


Haydn piano concerto performed by myself in October 2018.

Proud of leading one of the famous London Piano Studios, WKMT. Thanking also the hard work of all my colleagues and members who obviously make this dream possible. A hard work to create and support art and music activities in London. And now I am even happier as I will be playing the first classical concert of the term organised by WKMT.

On the 13th October, you all have a date. WKMT Classical concert in London where I will be playing Haydn piano concerto:

- Hob XVIII:2

On a stunning nine-foot Grand concert piano Yamaha CFX, accompanied by the wonderful WKMT London Orchestra. We will welcome that way the new term of our piano studios in London, once the Summer is over.

In case you assisted to one of WKMT Concerts, you know that it is a great opportunity to enjoy beautiful classical music surrounded by art and antiques thanks to St. Cuthbert's church. Join us next 13th of October and start getting to know a musical community every time bigger in London with plenty of musical activities.

I invite you all to check the info about the concert and hoping to see you all there on the 13th.


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