Music in ancient Greece


Music in ancient Greece.

Analysing Phytagoras and his discoveries for the music.

Have you ever thought how old music is? Which were the first signs of music in the world? How did the music sound like in the past?
The music, it is believed that has more than 55,000 years. Notes, noise, vibrations, waves, everything might may make music. The music has different eras, starting with the Prehistoric one and some signs found which make the idea of music in its beginnings, followed by the era of Ancient Greece.

In the latter, most of the discoveries came from the famous mathematician Pythagoras. As it is understood, Music comes from Maths, and he was an expert in both subjects. His discoveries marked a precedent in the music and many things that currently we know, came from him. 

"The main discovery of Pythagoras was the harmonic series- each note we play can be split into more frequencies- so higher pitches. Listening closely to a low C on piano and you can just hear the octave above, maybe even the G above that". If you read our last article aforementioned, you will find more discoveries like the previous extract from the article.

We hope you enjoy this brief about the music by Pythagoras.


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