Electro dance music in Britain


Electro dance music in Britain.

How did British music become what it sounds like now?

Have you ever thought how electro dance music came to life? How did it feel when it started to be trendy in Britain? Here we bring an article that will explain more details about this music phenomena.

British popular music and National identity the article we talk about is called. An article that was written by David Hesmondhalgh which explores the evolution of music in Britain through different music genres and how that affected to the society even being a state theme at the Parliament. Since 90's to nowadays, we walk through those moments and the different music genres up to find the electro dance music. A controversial genre of music which has plenty of detractors as well as success in all the most famous clubs all over the world.

Read our article published in which we summarise this great article with the crucial points of the British popular music, and explain the genres such as indie rock, black British music and, obviously, the Britpop which was the starting point of this real music change in Britain.


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