Learning the piano is an amazing experience

In which way would you benefit from taking piano lessons in London?

Studying piano is a great privilege for those who are ready to appreciate it. In the middle of our busy schedules we sometimes forget to dedicate some time to cultivate our own privacy. There is no more intimate moment than the one we commit to our piano practice.This sanctuary we create around the instrument is our personal refuge from the pressures of our work. It is in that position that we are able to develop this mesmerizing skill, playing the piano, which is the gateway into experiencing our most beloved musical masterworks from inside; not as mere spectators anymore but as active actors which thrive throughout themMy philosophy as a piano tutor in London, this amazing but also stressing city we live in, centers on relaxation. I work towards guaranteeing you, my adult students in particular, a stress and anxiety free practicing session while I commit myself to the paramount task of helping you to enjoy every single second of the time you invest nourishing your piano skills.

Do you need to have to be born with the gift?

Playing the piano is more about training than anything else. It is basically about learning a new language, which is completely detached from any other prosaic way of communication. The level of abstraction you need to achieve to understand the structures and elements involved in reading and performing music certainly develops your alternative thinking and shows you solving-problem skills, which might have remained hidden from you until the moment you face the challenge of “speaking music”.


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