Ten years of success through our piano tuition at WKMT

Ten years of success through our piano tuition at WKMT.

WKMT Kensington studio

At WKMT we have ten years of piano tuition experience to offer our students from all ages and all levels through a meticulous method delivered by our all piano teachers staff and a thorough technique which is famous worldwide, with ambassadors such as Martha Argerich, Bruno Gelber, Daniel Barenboim and Sergio Tiempo.

This technique is known under the name of "Scaramuzza Technique" after the person who developed it, Vincenzo Scaramuzza.

Under our technique, they will learn five different movements that will assist them in the resolution of any technical challenge they might find in their musical scores.


For our beginners, we have developed through the years a comprehensive foundational course designed to fulfil all that any piano student needs to face further challenges in their piano adventure.
Our piano beginners' course is specially designed to make all the requirements needed to learn the right way.

The main goals are similar to what a student would find in a traditional continental music conservatoire: Gisela Paterno, our headteacher for WKMT Kensington, designed a support website to accompany the syllabus. You can find more information here:

Besides the one-to-one lessons which are the core in our musical educational system, WKMT provides an insight into the Technical and expressive side of the piano playing with our Masterclasses delivered by Maestro Juan Rezzuto, Director of WKMT.

These gatherings present a fabulous opportunity to receive first-handly the technique that our students work weekly during their lessons, achieving a deeper mastery into their pieces. The masterclasses are given to all ages.


They represent the essential chance our piano students have to portray the product of their continuous efforts preparing their pieces.

The festivals happen in the same venues as the professional classical concerts in London.

This is the perfect chance for anyone interested in building a profile, presenting their performances in competitions or Schools with a strong music programme!

Learn more here:


Besides our three piano studios in London: Kensington, Camberwell and Bermondsey, we have now a rectorate building in Mondonedo Galicia in which Juan Rezzuto delivers specialized piano lessons to this selection of students.


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