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Here I bring a post referring to one of our teacher's article, recently published on WKMT Blog.

I strongly recommend this article for all those willing to learn a proper piano technique. In this case, Georgios Kommatas, my pupil, has written a piece of expression of his own experience learning the technique that I teach him during our lessons.

My Own Project...

Since last year, as Director of WKMT, I designed a programme to teach recruit young pianists. This way, I will teach them all about the piano technique inherited by my Maestro Bruno Gelber, the famous Scaramuzza piano technique. Right now, I have two pupils, two 20ish years old pianists who were in need of a technique.

How would this help the musicians and students?...

Although it might seem rare, it is not rare at all to find pianists who don't have any technique on their way of playing the piano. Most of the musicians learn how to play, but not necessarily using a technique. For that reason, I decided to take the issue and work towards it. Since I created my music studio, WKMT, I instructed all my teachers with this technique, That way, it is not only shared to the musicians at the studio, but also to all the students learning the piano with us.

With the latter, I create a multiplying effect with this powerful technique. The powerful technique used by Bruno Gelber, Daniel Barenboim and Martha Argerich, among many others. I must say that these are the best pianists in the world of their age.

This technique then helps everyone to create a shape on their mind of how to play with the right way. And what do I mean with the right way? I mean with the proper tools that any pianist will need.

Having a technique would help you all play smoothly, easily and more powerful. You are less concentrated on how to play, and you use all your efforts on playing the notes properly. This technique named some movements needed for most of the pieces. That way, you will have every movement for every moment of the pieces.

In Georgios' words...

Georgios has enumerated four different steps based on his experience learning the technique. That way will make easy for everyone to understand his experience in learning it. Also, he goes to the benefits of learning this technique. Among them, he expresses the good effect on the student building confidence through the relaxation of the body and focusing only on the music.

Also the fluency of the fingers. You will develop strength and dexterity, as well as fast in our fingers and wrists thanks to the movements applied to certain situations.

I would not bother you any longer. I kindly suggest you all go to the link aforementioned, click on it and enjoy the full article. In case you would be interested in the technique, and you have some questions, do not hesitate to comment on our post. I will happily answer your questions.

Here I share with you all one of my masterclass about the Wrist Movement. Browse our YouTube channel and you will find a masterclass for all the movements of this technique.

Piano Masterclass - WKMT


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