Music & Harmony with West Kensington Music Team

Music & harmony With West Kensington Music Team

Have I ever mentioned our harmonization lessons in London? Are you guys interested in knowing and learning more about this topic? We are receiving plenty of enquiries for this new topic at WKMT London Piano Studio, so for that reason, I considered such an interesting and trending topic to talk about, and explain deeply.

At WKMT, we have gathered and decided to create a new series of articles in order to provide students and amateurs with great resources to harmonization and composition in general. The result is the new series of articles written and researched by my colleague Gisela Paterno. She has experience either a composer and teacher, degreed in music composition in UNA (Buenos Aires), and specialised in contemporary music and jazz improvisation. Both styles of music really needed this advice to either write or make arrangements of original songs.

This series will intend to analyse the chords (diatonic), its different harmonic functions within, and different examples of how to make a chord substitution efficiently and with great results. 
To manage all the information she collected and wrote in an easy way of understanding, we have created three different parts that you will find using the links aforementioned. The ones we will go publishing as long as they are published on WKMT Blog before. Gisela is currently working on the second part of this series.

So, let's go an start learning harmony with us, and stay tuned for the next ones yet to come. 
I also invite you to browse our blog to find many more musical resources for you to fully understand music, whatever topic you feel like into.


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