Approaching Jazz Music

Approaching Jazz Music

Learning about Jazz Piano language

Do you like jazz music? Do you know about the origins of this type of music? Have you realized how many differences are compared to classical music or any different genre of music?

Alvaro Sisti-Ripol, a Senior piano teacher at WKMT London Piano Studios, and also conductor of LAO, has brought us a new article to the blog, in which Jazz music is the main subject to analyse.

Our beloved teacher is actually a multitasking one and very talented musician. Why? He plays wonderfully the piano, he also conducts all my Haydn piano concertos in London, as well as he is good at jazz music and electric guitar lessons.

This time, he decided to write about jazz, one of his passions as a good American. I read something last day that caught my attention, and that is that jazz is considered the Americans' classical music by the same Americans. Obviously, no doubt about it, but it means a lot.

Jazz rose in New Orleans, thanks to groups of Afro-American musicians who started improvising music inspired always by the blues and similar rhythms. Not later, it became a very popular and requested type of music listened in the bars, clubs, throughout the cities of the USA. Then crossed borders and started being listened in Europe and different parts of the world, becoming a very famous kind of music.

Nowadays, there is science behind it, plenty of musicians fan of that music, and music academies teaching how to play it. Although it is a very personal rhythm and music, it is about improvisation within certain codes, so we are able to understand and learn how to play it.

Read the full article using the link above, and start learning jazz piano techniques with WKMT.


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