Do Not Miss The Piano Practice during Christmas!

Do Not Miss The Piano Practice during Christmas!


It is already Christmas at WKMT London Piano Studios! We are welcoming the Christmas season the best way for all our students. The first celebration will take place this Saturday with our Christmas Concert in London at St. Cuthbert's church, at 5.00pm. Do not miss it, in case you haven't booked your tickets yet.

This time, as we previously posted, we organised a beautiful programme for this celebration, including Haydn piano concerto, Debussy's Petite Suite and Christmas Carols by our Children Ensemble. Everything ready for a merry Saturday evening with WKMT.

Then, our studios are fully equipped with Christmas decorations and stuff to indulge your piano lessons during this beautiful season.

And now, thanks to Sabrina Curpanen, our piano teacher at the studio, has just written an article in which she answers a common question. In this time of the year, it is usual to hear questions like: Does my child need to practice during the holidays? Is practising really needed this time of the year?... Well, the answer is easy: Yes, they should.

The piano is hard to learn, as well as it is very easy to forget if we just drop it off. It might happen that all that we learnt and practised is partially lost or getting more difficult if we stop practising for a while. So our recommendation, the same as Sabrina's, is to keep on practising at least a few days during the week. Fingers need to be in action constantly.

However, we will let our colleague explain it better. You can just click on the link aforementioned and get to know about the importance of practising during the holidays.

Ps. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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