Music History with WKMT

Music History with WKMT.

Music History with WKMT.

Analysis of the Music from the Baroque

Are you interested in the Baroque period? Do you like Baroque music and art? Did you know the real ideas behind the art on that period?

Avelino Vazquez Groba, our Harpsichord teacher in London, has recently written an article which will answer those questions and will make you understand this period much better. His remarkable passion for music, Renaissance and Baroque are marked in this article. His intention is to explain all about the process of taking Europe from a beautiful Renaissance to a convulsive and powerful Baroque.

He will explain it through the art and music points of view. If you would be interested in this topic, do not hesitate and click on the title aforementioned which will take you to the full article with which you will submerge into this amazing period of the history of Europe.


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