Group Music Theory Lessons London

Group Music Theory Lessons London at WKMT

Answering to my students’ need for some support in Music Theory we have discussed with the team the possibility of opening two group-music-theory-courses to happen in the studio.
After three years of teaching we realized many of you developed some interest in fundamental aspects of music, particularly harmony and forms, which indeed are very helpful when approaching the score with the intention of performing what is written on it. Acquiring these knowledge could certainly make all the performing learning process much faster and effective. 
The syllabus will include support for:
·         Music reading in general
·         Sight reading techniques
·         Harmony
·         Musical Forms
·         Counterpoint
·         Music History
The groups are meant to not exceed the 6 students at a time and they are going to be arranged according to ages and levels. The slots are to be agreed and the lessons will happen on a weekly basis. Depending on the number of students interested, we will try and open two different slots which could be swapped.
We believe this can save valuable time from the one-on-one lessons while it will make the learning process much more enjoyable.
The cost of the course is going to be £135 and it includes 12 lessons spread in three months. The total cost can be paid at once or in three £45 installments at the beginning of each month.


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