Extensions: The Importance of Musical Analysis

 Extensions - the importance of musical analysis


One of the most important things any piano student have to learn, especially in advanced levels, is musical analysis.

Why is this so important?

It is basically the most effective way to ta

ke decisions when the music does not speak to us clearly. There lots of subtleties that they lay hidden from the naked eye, and good piano teachers should impart to their students.

A good place to start is musical analysis. Juan Rezzuto's article talks about extensions, which as he says: "We talk about an extension when, for example, fragments of a continuation are repeated far more than what is necessary to express the function. If something is there in excess of the expression of the function, then we are in sight of an EXTENSION. "

The extension is the most common, but not the only one. There are more ways to modify the conventional form and are the following: interpolation, expansion and reduction. 

The main difference between extension and expansion is the fact that an extension requires an "addition" of material while an expansion is about "swelling" the function itself. Also, the EXTENSION takes part in the ongoing formal function while the interpolation doesn't.

The extension is commonly used in rounded binary forms, in the called B section (usually along with standing on the dominant)

We can also find them in cadential deviations and widely seen the theme with variations. 

Not so common are in the opening ritornello. This name is rather informal and is also named the orchestral introduction of a concerto. The reason is that the form itself is quite stable and does not need extensions.

Within the Sonata form, extensions are quite common in the first movement, also called "allegro di Sonata". This resource is very handy with the subordinate themes in the development section.

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