Teaching the Sonata in C Major Hob XVI.7

Full Analysis of Haydn Piano Sonata

In order to study a Sonata, as a piano teacher, we are quite limited with the number of pieces available, as to our piano students, to approach this level of complexity can be very arduous to encompass.

The main challenge when playing a Sonata with all its movements is precisely to contain and provide the musical arch to the whole piece.

In the case of this piece, the Sonata in C Major (Divertimento) we have a unique chance of a concise set of pieces, but of course and by the hands of the creator of the Sonata form, we can provide our students to this beautiful jewel.

The piece has three movements:

Allegro moderato (C major) 

Minuet (C major) - Trio (C minor)

Finale (C major)

All of them are short and technically not the most complex. The main reason why this happens among the early Hoboken catalogue is that Haydn himself was a beginner in the keyboard when he composed them. 

The early Sonatas are handy material for piano tutors to provide for their students to study this corpus of works with the ability to approach without any uncomfortable, frustrating experience.

The analysis made by Gisela Paterno is especially useful for pianists, as it includes piano techniques tips based on the Scaramuzza technique.

The vocabulary is based on the terms coined by Arnold Schonberg in his "Fundamentals of musical composition" and William Caplin "Analysing Classical Forms".

Analysing a piece before playing and studying it, is the most advantageous way of approaching any piece of music. The analysis will provide more precise decision-making as a performer. 

By analysing a piece of music, whichever the form or style, we attain beforehand a sense of wholeness (it is particularly vital in a Sonata form as this contains at least three pieces) and by doing so, we will gain clarity and efficiency when studying and performing it.

For all Haydn piano Sonatas' analysis, please check WKMT Music blog. Always committed to Haydn.


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