Classical Concerts in London after Covid-19

Have you thought how all this situation we all are living nowadays is going to affect to our social life? Our daily routine? And also our plans?

That may be a common question among we all right now. Some people say that life is not going to be fully recovered until 2021. Some restaurants, concerts venues, hotels, clubs, etc are not expected to be open yet at least until next year, or end of this current 2020.

If we think about it, it means a huge loss. Not just an economic loss for all those activities and their employees, but also a loss in terms of our way of living, way of communicating and way of spending time with each other.

Europeans are people used to gather, to share, to enjoy moments together. We are a cultural society, who loves spending time with our beloved ones while enjoying beautiful things. Such as opera, concerts, theatres, art, music or just even gathering together to have some drinks in a nice place we always like to go and stay.

But what is going to happen after this madness is gone? Just thinking about it makes me wonder the pain this may cause in our society.

Some optimists like myself tend to think, or at least hoping, that once Summer is here, and the death tolls decrease considerably, as well as the number of the new cases, life will carry on little by little as it used to do before the Coronacrisis. Step by step, all concert venues, and musical events will be reactivated, obviously keeping protection measures and keep some distance.

Europeans are strong, our ancestors made this wonderful continent to live it and enjoy it, so let's not make this unfortunate events stop that way. Altogether, we will fight against this Coronavirus and we will carry on.

Hopefully I am right, and all this will get back to normal by Summer, a bit later maybe. Who knows... As per by myself, I keep on studying piano, this time I am preparing the famous Haydn piano concerto in F. WKMT has requested me to perform in what they will organize for October 3rd 2020 in London. A beautiful concert to welcome you all to life and, overall, to our freedom. As long as we keep healthy.

For all the details about this concert, visit this website

#Stayingathome is the only way we all can fight this virus, so for the time being, we keep in our homes, resting and doing all the things we could never do blaming on work commitments. No excuses now, as so let's prepare our next plans. Hope is the only thing we should never miss.

Keep on dreaming, and we will see each other very soon, we will see!


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