Are you ready to play in front of the audience?


This is a call to all music students of London and nearby. WKMT proposes performing opportunities for their next edition of the famous London Music Festivals. 

This edition will be celebrated on November 23rd from 4:00 pm in St Cuthbert's Earls Court.

The usual venue where we organise and host festivals, piano concerts and different events, is now getting ready for our students. Our Yamaha CFX grand concert piano is also n shape to help the students getting the most out of their performance, along with the amazing acoustics of the church, this is set to be a wonderful festival.

Our last edition, in June 2019, we gathered more than a hundred performers. All levels and ages, playing either classical and jazz music for their guests. We always provide food catering, as well as nice drinks for everyone to enjoy along.

However, this time, we have prepared a shorter version. We will make a special selection of a group of students of around thirty-thirty five. Some of the best ones, or at least the best pieces/programme presented. This decision was made since the yearly festival celebrated in June every year, will host all the students at WKMT. So now, this is the time to give the chance to the most advanced students to bright on the stage, with also more time to recreate themselves as well as treating the guests.

Well, if you would like to participate in such an event, do not hesitate to click on the link aforementioned, check all the details and contact WKMT 02071014479 to book your place. If you mention you have read our post in Blogger, they will help you even though you are not a member of WKMT.


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