Do you know how to play the guitar?

Do you know how to play the guitar?

How much finger pressure you need when playing the guitar?

WKMT teach you how to play the guitar

Are you a guitar fan? Are planning to learn to play the guitar? Are you already learning how to play it? Either acoustic or electric, we need to know some basics before continuing with the proper tuition.

One of those basics, as per Tom Rickerby suggests, is the exact pressure we need to apply.

Tom Rickerby is one of our Senior tutors at WKMT. He teaches guitar lessons in London (electric and acoustic). He has a famous rock band (The Hound), in which he is the former guitar player, so he properly knows how to play the guitar.

He has written this great article to teach this basic really needed when starting to play the guitar. How much finger pressure we will need for it?

Well, in order to progress in this aspect, he explains three easy steps to follow:

1- Choosing the right size of the guitar according to your body size
2- Place your fingers as shown in the picture above posted
3- Arch your fingers on a "claw" handshape.

Read the full article using the link aforementioned and learn absolutely everything you need to make the perfect finger pressure on your guitar.


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