London Classical Concert by Juan Rezzuto and Paola Delucchi


Great News!

I will be performing Joseph Haydn piano concertos this new Autumn edition.
From the Hob XVIII, I will play the numbers 3, 6 and 8. Which is quite exciting for me as I am progressing and complying with my Haydn project which is based on the aim of performing all his piano concertos.

I am very thankful to WKMT as helping me achieve this goal in my life, by proposing me dates, venue and fabulous musicians to accompany me in this adventure.

This first part of the year, I already played the piano concertos number 4 and 11 from the same Hoboken. The first one played in March in London, and the second one on a beautiful event organised in Sintra, Portugal in May.

We will welcome the Autumn edition with this magnificent double concerto for violin and piano, played with my colleague Paola Delucchi. A fabulous violinist based in London who accepted to help me performing this concert. In interchange, she got a new date for the Mozart violin concerto Nr 1 in December 2019. So great and exciting news for this new edition!

You can now check the programmes of our next concerts in London using the link aforementioned, and check the details and info.

You can now book the tickets for this first concert on the 28th September 2019 in London using the following link:

I take the chance to share with you all our last piano concerto by Haydn Nr 4 in London. I hope you all like the performance as well as my original cadenzas composed by myself.


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