Clementi - The Italian genius based in London

Clementi - The Italian genius based in London.

Sonatas, Symphonies, Piano concertos, piano works... A great compilation of works by the fantastic pianist and composer Muzio Clementi.

I bet you heard about him, even if you are not a musician. He is one of the most famous composers from the time of Mozart. Actually, they performed in competitions in Europe, so they were mainly rivals.

Now, thanks to our piano tutor in London, know more about this genius. Some curious details of the life and career of the Maestro Clementi. Notable pianist and, we might be able to say, better in the field of composition.

Clementi, Italian musician born in the XVIII century, might remind us all a bit of ourselves in the sense of moving to England to continue and expand our careers. Although his situation was a bit different. In 1766, when he was 14 years old, Sir P. Beckford, an important English man visiting Rome was impressed by the talent of the young Clementi. So he negotiated with his father to take him to Dorset, England, where he would live, play and compose with everything paid by the Sir until he would reach 21 years. Obviously, they accepted it, and Clementi's English adventure began.

He spent seven years in Dorset studying and playing the harpsichord pieces from Bach, Scarlatti and C.P.E. Bach. Where he wrote Sonatas WO 13 & 14.

After that, he was 21 years old when he left the Beckford family behind and moved to London, where his career departure to something bigger. He made himself known in London as a harpsichordist playing in different theatres and music rooms from the city. People loved his talent and he became one of the most famous players in London from that while.

Thanks to the success he got in London, he could also focus on composing pieces. Thanks to that, he composed Sonatas, Symphonies and piano concertos and studies, being the most famous Gradus and Parnassum. Still used and studied nowadays. He also became a piano instructor in London and conductor. One of the most famous pianists' students of him was Ignaz Moschelles.

Read the full article aforementioned in which you will find more details apart from this, including interesting statements Mozart once made about Clementi and his talent playing.


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