Max Martin and Quincy Jones



Max Martin - Swedish Record Producer

Quincy Jones - American Record Producer

These are the two faces most famous within Music Production, amongst many others. What do we mean by Music Production?

Thomas Rickerby, our Sound engineer and Guitar teacher at WKMT London, has written an article in which he explains deeply the idea of Music Production. A recent topic that is being used widely lately. This is part of a series of articles that he wrote in order to dig into the Music Production subject.

He talks about Max Martin and Quincy Jones to propose the same profession in the '90s vs. the '60s.

Max Martin is Swedish record producer, singer and songwriter. He became that famous in the second half of the 90's when made some of the greatest hits of that time writing and producing songs for Britney Spears, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys. Also in 2000's co-working with famous of the size of Pink, Christina Aguilera, Usher, Katy Perry, Jessie J amongst many others. We could say that Max had a magnificent mind that created the greatest hits known even nowadays. The best of Pop music in the XX-XXI Century has been in his mind and hands. It is such an example of creativity and visualisation.

On the contrary, Quincy Jones is an old-school record and film producer as well as a musician. He started in the early '50s playing music with the greatest ones including Ray Charles and Elvis Presley. He gave numerous concerts in the USA at his early age until in 1961 he got promoted to lead as vice-president Mercury Records, being the first Afro-American in holding an executive position. After that point, soon he started becoming more and more famous, doing successful productions either in music and films.

This is a very summarised biographies of these two great men. But it is quite interesting to see the differences between the same minds at different times in the history of music.

You can now check Thomas' article about Music Production and know more about this interesting topic. Click on the link aforementioned for it.

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