The proof of our success


Our Piano Technique shining on stage through our wonderful students' performances.

We bring here some pieces as result of the success of our last WKMT Music Festival edition VII last May 2018. As we posted in previous articles, WKMT Music Festivals are the perfect chance for the students to perform in front of an audience what they learn at WKMT Piano studios.

We must confess that the last edition was the most successful edition ever. We counted on around two hundred guests listening to more than eighty performers of all levels and ages.

However, it is not only about figures but also, and most importantly, about the quality of the piano performances. And this is the case, thanks to all of them and the quality of teaching at WKMT.

For that reason, I recently wrote an article and posted on WKMT Blog in which I highlight some of the best performances in my opinion. As Director of WKMT, I feel hugely proud and happy for all the performances of the students I listened to. Their progress and their commitment. However, there were some that caught my soul. This is exactly what I talk about in this last article.

One of them is Mark Yeo. My own student (posted above) who his strength and passion for piano make all on him to perform beautifully. Please, do click on the link aforementioned and access to my full article in which you will be able to watch the three other performances recorded by Piano Recording Studio London. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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