Electric Guitar and Amplifier


Learn with WKMT how to set up your amplifier for your guitar.

This time is all about Guitar. With this picture, we would like to denote the differences between the electric guitar and the acoustic one. Although the main theme of this article is about the amplifiers.

Thomas Rickerby, Guitar Teacher at WKMT, has written this new article to help all those students with some doubts about the importance and use of the amplifiers.

The electric guitar comes with plenty of knobs and switches. Added to that, we have the amplifier, which comes also with many switches and knobs. That means that we need to learn how to play the guitar but also, we need to learn something else, how to use the amplifiers correctly. If you know how to use it and set it up you will be able to make huge differences, as all those knobs are meant to send and modify the sound played with the guitars. So it is very good to know how to set the amplifier up and start using it within your guitar lessons for your next performance.

You can read the full article in the link aforementioned and do make sure you know how to use the amplifier to get a better sound or simply to make your performance louder and listened.


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