Knowing more about Anna Maria Jopek

Knowing more about Anna Maria Jopek.

What do you know about Polish Music and its Pop-stars?

Have you heard about this Polish name? Have you watched any of her music videos?

You might have not heard about her yet, overall if you are not Polish, but Anna Maria Jopek is one of the stars of Poland. She became very famous with her songs, as she sings and also writes her own pieces.

In case you are not familiar with her, we just posted a new article talking about this great musician. Dominik Brendan, singing and piano teacher at the studio, writes about his favourite Polish musician. He is also Polish and musician and he believes she is a sign, an icon of his country, and we do not have any doubt about it.

Learn more about her in the article aforementioned and do not miss any of her videos, they are truly worth it. Her voice and soul on stage are powerful.


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