How to learn music theory


How to learn music theory.

Are you looking for music theory lessons? WKMT is the right studio.

Like in every single subject which implies a practical section attached to a theoretical section, in the piano and in music in general, the theoretical part is essentially needed for the good understanding of the whole process. You can alternatively learn how to play the piano with no theory background at all, but as soon as you reach a crucial level, you will need the theory, reading and all those aspects included in the music theory lessons. That’s why, at ABRSM, you can pass practical exams with no theory at all, until the moment that you need to go for Grade 6 when you are obliged to have up to Grade 5 of theory passed.

As we are aware of the importance of the theory when learning any musical instrument, at WKMT, we create a list of great and helpful resources to help our students on their way to pass ABRSM theory exams.

Read the full article explaining all our Teachers' meeting where we discussed these ideas and also you will find an interesting bibliography to carry on with your theory lessons, either if you are student or teacher.


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