Piano Lessons London

Piano Lessons London

Our piano course is structured to help our students successfully achieve their musical dreams. The piano is probably the king of musical instruments, servicing the music not only as a wonderful soloist but also as the gateway into composition through harmonic experimentation.
Beginners: The kick start point of our lessons is when we start wondering, together with the students, about what the role of the piano is in relation with themselves. Then, within the first lesson, we start working on the basics of “Vicente Scaramuzza” piano technique learning, in this way and through one of the most bespoken approaches, how to fully speak ourselves through this enchanting instrument.
Intermediate / Advanced: We always appreciate and profit from our students’ pianistic knowledge. In the first lesson I will personally asses your technical and sight-reading levels and we will design a plan that propels you forward in a smooth, serious but yet friendly way.
During the courses we will aim to reach certain goals as: I. playing in our hosted student concerts; II. Sitting for the ABRSM / Trinity College exams; or III. Training for piano competitions.
Everyone is welcomed to join the privilege of getting involved in this wonderful life of discovery. 

About me...

I´ve been linked with this marvelous instrument, the piano, since I was three years old. After some studying, my performer career finally started when I was eleven and I played my first concert in one of the most charming venues of my home town, “Estancia Santa María de La Armonía”. After that appearance I have been performing in every theater of my country and also in the United States. Studying with different and great masters enabled me to understand a variety of approaches to piano teaching, from the very expressive side to the most systematized and technical perspective.
When I had the chance to choose my path in the University I went for the Bachelor in Musical Arts and Composition. This preparation enabled me to develop a very particular approach to piano pedagogy: a method that combines music technology with reading, writing and playing, all at the same time. I currently hold an FTCL (Trinity College London Fellowship in Composition = British Masters Degree)  

Travel Directions - Piano Teacher in London

​Driving Directions - Piano lessons London
1. Head north on Falcon Rd/A3207 toward Mossbury Rd
2. Turn right onto Battersea Park Rd/A3205
3. Turn left onto Battersea Bridge Rd/A3220
4. Turn left onto Cheyne Walk/A3220. Continue to follow A3220
5. Turn left onto W Cromwell Rd/A4
6. Take the 1st left onto North End Rd/B317
7. Take the 2nd left onto Beaumont Crescent
8. Take the 1st left onto Gibbs Green Close
9. Turn left
10. West Kensington Music Team Studio: London W14 9LT UK        
Public Transport Directions - Piano teacher in London
1. Walk to Clapham Junction
2. Clapham Junction to Stratford (London).Train towards Stratford (London)
3. West Brompton Stop ID: WBP. Walk to London W14 9LT, UK
Walking Directions - Piano teacher in London
1. Head south on Falcon Rd/A3207 toward Lavender Hill/A3036
2. Turn right onto St. John's Hill/A3036
3. Turn right onto Plough Rd
4. Turn left onto Harbut Rd
5. Continue onto Nantes Close
6. Turn right onto Trinity Rd/A214
7. Turn right toward Wandsworth Bridge Rd/A217
8. Turn left toward Wandsworth Bridge Rd/A217
9. Turn right toward Wandsworth Bridge Rd/A217
10. Turn left toward Wandsworth Bridge Rd/A217
11. Turn right onto Wandsworth Bridge Rd/A217
12. Turn right onto New King's Rd/A308
13. Turn left onto Harwood Rd/B318
14. Turn left onto Fulham Broadway/A304
15. Slight right onto Jerdan Pl
16. Turn left toward North End Rd/B317
17. Turn right onto North End Rd/B317
18. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Lillie Rd/A3218
19. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto North End Rd/B317
20. Turn right onto Beaumont Crescent
21. Turn right onto Gibbs Green Close
22. Turn left
23. West Kensington Music Team Studio: London W14 9LT UK


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