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Join the professional instructors in Glasgow with us

We will design a bespoke report program for you to follow as showed by your aptitudes and necessities. We genuinely think this is the most important starting stage for a productive learning process with your piano classes in Glasgow.
All will start with an easygoing gathering with our Director after your primer exercise with one of our master piano mentors. At this social event, he will get some data about your wants, yearnings, considerations, and the reasons why you have to make sense of how to play the piano. After this assessment, we will diagram an assessment plan. This assessment plan is the aftereffect of the joint undertakings by your affirm neighbourhood piano educator and our Directors in London.

How might you know whether you are progressing viably? Inside your program, you will start with express targets in the passing run, which will be out and out delineated. Because of juvenile understudies, we have an examination plan called "Pre-grades". These pre-assessments wi…

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