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WKMT London Concert

WKMT LONDON CONCERT.Mozart and Haydn concertos - December 14th 2019

Haydn & Mozart. That is the name WKMT has given to my next performance in London. Actually mine and Paola Delucchi's.
We are in charge of performing in London on December 14th from 6.30 pm in St. Cuthbert's church. I am so glad to be able to perform such a beautiful programme.
Paola Delucchi, my colleague on the violin in my previous Haydn concertos, is now in charge of performing the famous Mozart violin concerto Number 1. Accompanied by WKMT Ensemble, I am sure she will do a stunning performance.
In my case, I continue with Haydn concertos. As part of my own project, playing all Haydn piano concertos, this time I will be playing the Number 7 from the famous Hoboken XVIII. With this concert, I would have played five concerts of a total of eleven. 
I am actually quite proud as I have played four concerts this year, and those have been Haydn masterpieces. The numbers 4,6,7 and 11, to be exact. Here below I …

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